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How can I help you?

Unlock Your Vocal Potential with Premier Singing Lessons in Galway

Hello, I'm Cathal Jack, an experienced vocal coach and performer dedicated to unlocking the vocal prowess of aspiring and professional singers, and I’m based right here in Galway. My journey in music, particularly in vocal coaching, has been fuelled by a passion for nurturing talent, sharing my experience, and a deep understanding of the intricate art of singing.

Who the Lessons Are For?


My lessons are tailored for a diverse range of singers. Whether you're an aspiring artist in the west of Ireland, an individual aiming to enhance your vocal technique, range, and performance skills, or a singer at any level from beginner to advanced, my coaching is designed to meet your unique needs. This is all done with keen attention paid to your vocal health as well as development. 

What Do I Offer?

I provide personalized, 1 to 1, vocal training, focusing on each student's individual needs and goals. My approach includes techniques to enhance vocal range, strength, and consistency. Recognizing the varied musical tastes of my students, I offer training across various genres. Importantly, I emphasise vocal health and sustainable singing practices to ensure the longevity and consistency of your voice.

How Can Singing Lessons are Help?

Singing is more than an art; it is a means to improve emotional, mental, and physical health. Professional training can play a pivotal role in developing confidence and stage presence. The importance of technique and consistent practice cannot be overstated in the journey towards vocal excellence and the confidence this gives the performer. 

About My Teaching Approach

At the heart of my teaching philosophy is a supportive, encouraging, and positive learning environment. I blend traditional methods with contemporary techniques, tailored to the modern, real world, vocalist. I always intend for my clients to have an experience with me which is focused, relevant and coherent. 

Some of my Client Success Stories

I take huge interest and pride in the achievements of my clients. Many have gone on to perform at notable events and achieve significant milestones in their singing careers ranging from singing in front of other people for the first time to performing in the 3 Arena and on the Late Late Show. 

My Location and Accessibility

My studio is located in Galway city. Details on how to reach the studio, including public transport options, are available for the convenience of my clients. I am also available for training online if commuting does not suit you. I regularly work with clients further afield in Ireland, the UK, Europe and the Middle East this way.

Contact Information

You can easily get in touch to book lessons, please check the contact page on my website. I'm also active on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube, providing a glimpse into the work I do.

Singing is a personal and enriching experience, but also an experience which is thrilling to share. . My commitment is to guide each client I collaborate with towards realizing their potential.

I invite you to contact me to see how we may work together. The ideal time is now!

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