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Some of What I Have Done     image 2002

Picking up bass at 14, I adopted an obsessive attitude to the instrument that only a teenager can. While still at home and school I played locally with my Dad. Once I moved to university I started to play bass and sing lead in rock bands. I gigged my way through college in Galway, then, my BA of Arts completed, I studied basin the Basslines Program at Berklee College of Music during the summer of 2005 and have since been a career musician.   

In 2007, having a 200 gig a year schedule, I started studying vocal technique to help preserve my own voice. In 2008 I started studying to become a teacher and began teaching in 2009. Since then I have worked with over a thousand singers in Ireland, Europe, the Middle East and  North and South America. I have been a member of Speech Level Singing, The Institute of Vocal Advancement and am currently a mentor for Modern Vocal Training to vocal coaches in Brazil, Denmark, Lebanon, Lithuania, Malta, Portugal, Slovakia and Ukraine. 

What is my Outlook?     image 2006

In the eternal battle between knowing and feeling I try to balance them as perfectly as I can. With every singer I work with I tweak that harmony just for them.  

In my work I always emphasise the importance of communication, personality and  collaboration. I feel that to excel at something we do better when we are honest with ourselves and when the people we grow to trust are honest with us. 

My outlook is simple: when it comes to the voice, knowledge, experience and studying help me know stuff. Working with my singers helps me know them. Then I talk my thoughts in their language.


My favourite word is ‘strive’. To strive, for me, is to have a superpower. Striving lets us be completely comfortable with our imperfections as we work to make ourselves less imperfect. 

I strive, and I invite all singers I work with to.

image 2021




Hi, I’m Cathal Jack.


I grew up in a musical family on Inis Mór off the west coast of Ireland. My dad has the distinction of writing the first rock album in the Irish Language. Apparently my first favourite song was Radio Ga Ga. While I grew up in a part of Ireland more associated with the Irish language and traditional singing and music I grew up loving Artists like Queen, Elton John, U2 and The Police.


I never studied music until I was 14 (I lie, when I was 8 my parents encouraged me to learn accordion, I hated it. ) when my dad bought me a bass guitar. He had an old Strat’ which I was playing bass on behind his back so I guess he saw the interest…


He encouraged me, paid for me to have lessons (a ferry trip to the mainland at 9am and home at 6.30pm for a 30 minute class) and he even let me join his band when I was 15 (there were 2 of us!). I haven’t really mentioned singing yet because… I just sang. It came naturally. In my house there was always singing. I teach voice and perform, my brother is a recording Artist and my sister is a fine singer too and works in media. It just seems natural… 

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