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Hello, I'm Cathal Jack.

Born amidst the harmonic vibes of Inis Mór, Ireland, I come from a lineage rich in musical heritage. My father holds the unique accolade of penning the inaugural Irish language rock album. With roots deep in Irish traditional music, my early inclinations leaned towards iconic sounds like Queen, Elton John, U2, and The Police.

Though formal music education began at 14 with a bass guitar gift from my father, my true initiation started earlier. It was covert attempts at strumming his Strat' bass guitar that ignited this passion.

Guided by my father's unwavering support, my music journey encompassed everything from tedious ferry trips for a short 30-minute lesson to jamming in his band. Singing? That was second nature. With a household echoing with melodious voices, I took to vocal training instinctively. Today, I'm proud to teach voice and perform, while my siblings excel in their musical and media careers.

What is my Outlook?     image 2006

My teenage years saw an indomitable drive towards mastering the bass. This obsession continued through my time in Galway's university scene, playing bass and taking on lead vocals in rock bands. My dedication led me to the Basslines Program at Berklee College of Music in 2005, shaping me into a professional musician.

By 2007, the intense routine of 200 gigs annually nudged me towards learning vocal techniques for voice preservation. A year later, my journey into teaching commenced. Over the years, I've enriched the vocal talents of thousands across Ireland, Europe, the Middle East, and both North and South America. My affiliations include prestigious institutions like Speech Level Singing, The Institute of Vocal Advancement, and currently, mentoring roles at Modern Vocal Training across several countries.

In the nuanced world of vocal coaching, I blend knowledge and instinct seamlessly. I personalize my approach for every singer, ensuring their individual essence shines.

In every training session, I champion clear communication, personal connection, and dynamic collaboration. I ardently believe in transparent feedback and self-awareness for unparalleled growth in music.

My philosophy? Voice mastery marries expertise with understanding. It's about knowing the technical aspects and resonating with individual singers, tailoring my guidance in a language they resonate with.

My mantra is encapsulated in a singular word: 'strive'. In striving, we acknowledge our flaws, embracing them, and constantly evolving. I relentlessly strive in my musical journey, and I hope to inspire every singer I collaborate with to do the same.

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